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Dagestan UFC fighter demanded not to specify Russia as his place of birth

4 апреля 2023, 07:16
22-year-old Dagestani UFC fighter Muhammad Mokayev (pictured), who performs in the lightest weight category, demanded not to specify Russia as his place of birth and to remove the corresponding item from the video, leaving only Dagestan. He made such an appeal to the UFC in social networks.

"I don't like it! Please leave only Dagestan for my next exit!", — said Mokayev, attaching a screenshot to the message (quoted by RBC).

According to RBC, Mokayev was born in Dagestan, but moved to the UK with his father as a child. In 2021, he announced that he had left his homeland because of his father's political problems.

"We moved to the UK and settled in Wigan. Here I went to college. My father and I moved by ourselves. My mother died back in 2012, and I don't have any brothers and sisters. At first we lived in a refugee camp. It was hard. We lived on five pounds a day. There was only one kitchen, one bathroom for all the refugees", - said Mokayev.

At the amateur level, Mokayev has fought 22 fights, winning all of them, and since the spring of 2022 he has been competing in the UFC. During this time, he had four fights and won four victories. His last fight under the auspices of the UFC took place in London — Mokayev defeated Jafel Filho with a choke hold.