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Hero of the day: in Tuva, a priest stood in front of a bulldozer, trying to protect the house of a local resident

4 апреля 2023, 11:38
The clergyman has been trying to help a citizen for a long time, whose almost entire family was killed.

According to the telegram channel Baza, in 2017, Nina Saaya's son, daughter-in-law and two little granddaughters were killed in one of the apartments in the city of Ak-Dovurak. Only her eldest granddaughter Aiza survived, who was not at home. After the death of the family, the grandmother and granddaughter moved to Kyzyl, where the city administration allocated them temporary housing.

Recently, the house where the grandmother and granddaughter live was recognized as an emergency - the tenants were resettled, and "normal apartments" went to everyone except them. They were given only a room in the house, which will also be demolished.

A local priest, Father Dmitry, found out about Nina Saaya's story and began sending requests to various authorities, including Moscow. At first, local officials reacted to this, but then they stopped dealing with the citizen's problem again. When they decided to demolish the house where Nina and Aiza live and sent a bulldozer for this, father Dmitry stood next to the special equipment, not letting it pass. He stated that he would not leave her until the problem was solved.

Only after the story has been made public, officials again promise to help Nina Saaya.