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Bali authorities have deported a Russian blogger who took off his pants on the Agung volcano

5 апреля 2023, 10:48
Bali authorities have deported Russian Yuri Chilikin from the country, who had previously been photographed on the sacred Mount Agung with his pants down to his ankles.

This is reported by AFP.

Recall that the incident occurred in March. The blogger posted the photo on his page on the social network, which caused outrage among local residents who consider this mountain sacred. After that, the blogger was detained and interrogated. He deleted the photo, apologized for his act, and also promised to undergo a "purification ritual" in front of the mountain, which he did later. As proof, he published photos from the ceremony.

Despite the apologies, the island authorities decided to deport the violator. He was expelled from the country on April 4, the agency notes.

Earlier, the Jakarta Post reported that the blogger will not be able to return to the country within the next six months for showing disrespect to the local culture.

Earlier, the governor of the island of Wayan Koster appealed to the Ministry of Justice of the country with a request to tighten the rules of entry for Russians and Ukrainians due to the numerous violations committed by residents of these countries during their stay in Bali. In particular, we are talking about gross violations of traffic rules, as well as the provision of paid services on the island. Later it became known that 13 Russians were deported from the country for violations of the rules of stay.