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In Brazil, an unknown person with an axe hacked four children in kindergarten

5 апреля 2023, 14:31
This morning, an unknown person with an axe broke into a kindergarten in the city of Blumenau in southern Brazil. As a result of the attack, four children were killed and three others were injured. The incident was reported by the Globo TV channel, citing law enforcement sources.

"An unknown person broke into a private educational institution in the city of Blumenau in the south of the country and attacked children with an axe", - TASS reports.

The attacker surrendered to the police who arrived at the scene. His motives and the presence of possible accomplices are being investigated.

Law enforcement officers work in the kindergarten building — outsiders are not allowed into the premises. Meanwhile, the parents of the pupils gathered at the gate, who are waiting for the transfer of their children to them.

According to the agency, this is the second attack on an educational institution in Brazil in the last month. The previous incident occurred at the end of March at a Sao Paulo school - an eighth—grader brought a knife to school, killed a teacher, wounded three more teachers and one student, who were able to neutralize and detain the attacker before the police arrived.