Posted 5 апреля 2023,, 05:18

Published 5 апреля 2023,, 05:18

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Updated 5 апреля 2023,, 06:55

Roskachestvo warned about fraud with loyalty cards

Roskachestvo warned about fraud with loyalty cards

5 апреля 2023, 05:18
The number of cases of theft of bonuses from customer loyalty cards has increased dramatically since the coronavirus pandemic.

According to RIA Novosti, referring to Roskachestvo data, bonus cards of online stores and travel agencies have become the most attractive for scammers. Basically, such scams are associated with hacking user accounts. Attackers gain access to them and steal loyalty points.

"The most attractive destinations for scammers are: online stores, travel agencies, SaaS companies, iGaming brands, financial services", - the experts said.

Customers of all companies whose bonuses can be exchanged for money, goods or services are under threat. Customers themselves also often become scammers, finding loopholes in the bonus program. The line staff also commits line card frauds.

The department advised to treat customer accounts more carefully. Passwords should be updated periodically, changing to more complex ones.

At the end of last month, we recall, Roskachestvo warned citizens that 40% of all Philadelphia rolls in the country contain E. coli. The excess in the number of microorganisms was recorded in 100% of these rolls.