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The Chinese ambassador called the statements about friendship with Russia a "rhetorical device"

The Chinese ambassador called the statements about friendship with Russia a "rhetorical device"

5 апреля 2023, 07:32
Chinese Ambassador to the European Union (EU) Fu Tsung, in an interview with French President Emmanuel Macron and Head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen, called the statement about the "boundless friendship" between Russia and China a rhetorical device. This is reported by The New York Times.

"[Friendship] without limits" is nothing but rhetoric", - Fu Tsung said (quoted by RBC).

Thus, he commented on the statement of the leaders of the two countries on cooperation in last year's declaration of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the Chinese ambassador, critics misinterpret the statement.

He noted that Beijing does not support the Russian special operation in Ukraine, does not recognize Crimea and other territories that became part of the Russian Federation following referendums as Russian, and also does not provide military support to Moscow. According to the ambassador, China does not condemn its own, because it understands Russia's accusations against NATO. At the same time, the Chinese authorities believe that the "true reasons" are more complicated than Western officials say.

In February 2022, the leaders of the Russian Federation and China made a joint statement. It stated that friendship between the countries "has no borders", and there are "no forbidden zones" in cooperation. The statement was signed during the visit of the head of Russia to China, where he attended the opening of the Winter Olympics and held talks with the head of China. The signed document expresses general concern about "challenges in the field of international security", a protest against the expansion of NATO, a call to abandon the approaches of the Cold War.

In March 2023, Xi Jinping visited Russia. In Moscow, he held talks with the Russian leader. There was also a closed-door meeting between the leaders of the two countries, which lasted 4.5 hours. In an article published before the meeting for the Chinese newspaper "People's Daily", the Russian president said that relations between the countries are at the highest level in the history of development, which marks the beginning of a new era. He stressed that there are no restrictions in this union, a leader and a slave, and the dialogue between Beijing and Moscow has become extremely trusting. Xi Jinping also called the relations between Russia and China an exemplary example of the relations between the two great powers, which have become stronger and are developing in the spirit of equality, support and common prosperity.