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Published 6 апреля 2023,, 07:50

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The Finnish government led by Sanna Marin resigned

The Finnish government led by Sanna Marin resigned

6 апреля 2023, 07:50
Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin handed over to the Head of State Sauli the Finnish government's resignation letter. The broadcast of the process is conducted by the Yle broadcasting company.

"The Marin government is resigning after the loss of the party led by the prime minister in the parliamentary elections", - TASS notes.

Thus, the resignation of the government is connected with the election of a new parliament. According to RIA Novosti, the Finnish president accepted his resignation, as reported in the office of the head of state.

"Today, on April 6, 2023, Prime Minister Sanna Marin submitted the resignation of the Government to the President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinisto in Myantyuniemi. The President accepted the government's request to resign and asked him to continue his duties until a new government is appointed," the message reads.

At the moment, the Marin government will perform the technical duties of the interim government until the appointment of a new cabinet. Its formation will begin next week, at the first meeting of the parliament.

During the parliamentary elections in Finland, the Social Democratic Party Marin took third place, gaining 19.9% of the vote, but at the same time received three more seats in parliament. The opposition National Coalition Party won (20.8% of the votes), and the True Finns party took second place (20.1% of the votes).

On April 5, at a press conference, Marin announced her intention to leave the post of chairman of the Social Democratic Party this fall, when a party meeting will be held and a new party leadership will be chosen.

"It's time to leave the chair", - said Marin (quoted by Yle)

She also refused to participate in future presidential elections. At the same time, she declared her desire to remain a deputy.