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The HRC proposed to create a DNA database of the participants of the special operation

6 апреля 2023, 07:27
This proposal was made by the head of the working group of the Human Rights Council (HRC) on special operations Yulia Belekhova.
Russian Army

"We need to collect biomaterial and create a data bank. This is a necessary moment that was initially missed", - she said at a meeting of the council of heads of the working group.

Yulia Belekhova believes that it is necessary to prepare a service for the collection and transportation of this data.

At the last meeting, the issues of military accommodation in hospitals located near the place of residence of relatives of military personnel were also considered.

In addition, the issue of creating social passports for the families of the participants of the SMO was being worked out. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of creating unified passports of families of the mobilized in the country. Such passports will be created to provide social support to the families of the mobilized.

Another issue was the topic of financial support for the families of the missing. Earlier, the HRC called for continuing payments to the families of missing servicemen for some time.

"We have proposed to expand the circle of persons providing free legal aid - it should be received by the families of the participants of the SMO. This is not only consultations and writing appeals to departments, but also support", - Yulia Belekhova added.