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Published 7 апреля 2023,, 06:09

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NYT: The Pentagon is investigating the leak of documents about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

NYT: The Pentagon is investigating the leak of documents about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

7 апреля 2023, 06:09
The documents "give tempting clues," the journalists reported.

According to The New York Times (NYT), citing high-ranking sources in the United States administration, Washington is now working to remove publications from Twitter and Telegram, but at the moment unsuccessfully. The interlocutors of the publication noted that the papers contain information on the state of preparation for the spring campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 1 of this year. The time frame and details about the start date and location are not specified.

Analysts confirmed the authenticity of these documents to the newspaper. It is likely that some of the data - for example, about the losses of the parties - could have been edited for disinformation purposes. The papers "undoubtedly give many tempting hints" to the Russian side, the authors of the publication emphasize. The "merged" files contain data on some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their training in the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, the number of equipment needed for them, including tanks, the timing of arms deliveries and other data.

The NYT article says that the documents also mention the consumption of shells on HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. Previously, the Pentagon did not publish such details. The leak provides brief information about 12 combat brigades, nine of which are undergoing or have already been trained in Western states. Six of the nine brigades should be prepared by March 31, the rest by April 30, the text of the documents says.

In addition, according to these data, more than 250 tanks and more than 350 military vehicles were needed for nine brigades. Each brigade has from four to five thousand soldiers, experts said. Recall that according to Reuters, Kiev has prepared eight brigades with a total strength of 40 thousand military for the offensive.