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Putin instructed to form a rejection of the crimes of the Ukrainian regime among young people

7 апреля 2023, 17:19
The report on behalf of the Russian leader is waiting until June 30 and then once annually.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications to prepare information materials for the formation of a stable civil position among young people condemning the crimes of the Nazis and the Ukrainian regime since 2014.

The document is posted on the Kremlin's website.

The list of instructions indicates that it is necessary to ensure the preparation and dissemination of information materials, primarily among young people, in order to form a negative attitude to the crimes committed by the Nazis and their accomplices during the Great Patriotic War, as well as to the Ukrainian regime established after the unconstitutional coup in 2014.

The Head of State is waiting for the report until June 30 of this year, and then the annual reports.