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Figure of the day: in 2022, military enlistment offices were set on fire 77 times

Figure of the day: in 2022, military enlistment offices were set on fire 77 times

10 апреля 2023, 07:58
According to the results of the past year, 77 attempts were made to set fire to military enlistment offices in the country. This was announced by the judge of the Central District Military Court Artem Makarov.

The judge gave this information at a hearing on the case of the arson of the military registration desk in the building of the administration of the city of Bakala, Chelyabinsk region, the agency "European-Asian News" notes.

The agency notes that in this case, the accused are Senior sergeant of the Rosgvardiya Roman Nasryev and foreman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexei Nuriev. A criminal case has been opened against them under the article on the terrorist attack. The prosecution requests 19 years of a strict regime colony for them. The verdict is scheduled to be announced today, April 10.

The incident happened in October last year. The accused came to the administration building, smashed a window on the ground floor with a stone and threw three Molotov cocktail bottles. The fire did not have time to spread. The grandmother-guard extinguished it on her own before the arrival of firefighters.

Earlier, the Western District Military Court sentenced a resident of the Yaroslavl region to eight years in prison for attempting to set fire to the military enlistment office. A locksmith from the Moscow region was sentenced to 13 years in a penal colony for the same offense.