Posted 10 апреля 2023,, 09:42

Published 10 апреля 2023,, 09:42

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"He behaves like Trotsky": Democrats forced Trump to dance to their tune

"He behaves like Trotsky": Democrats forced Trump to dance to their tune

10 апреля 2023, 09:42
Вадим Ольшевский
Instead of attacking his political opponents, former US President Donald Trump is making excuses, thereby playing along with them.

Funny analogies were found by the American scientist and publicist Vadim Olshevsky between modern American events and the Russian history of 100 years ago:

"In the first election, Trump positioned himself as an outsider persecuted by the establishment, and he defeated Hillary. I remember the comments of that time that the American voter is characterized by empathy for the persecuted, which brought Trump a few points, which turned out to be decisive.

In the second election, Trump no longer had this trump card. The current president, after all. And he just didn't have enough points to win. And now, the third election. And Trump is being persecuted again, so much so that it won't seem enough. That is, he gets a few empathic points again.

Naturally, the question arises, why did the Democratic Party do this? Apparently, they think that this is still the best way for them to score more points. Not to discuss the real problems facing the country and policy options. Don't talk about the case. Now it all came down to Trump's personality.  The Democratic Party fears inflation, a losing confrontation with China, a crisis, etc. Don't talk about it! Better about Trump! So they apparently decided.

Trump is not a very smart person, and he always buys into such things. It seems to me (and I, however, don't understand much about these issues) that it would be better for him if, having spoken out once, he would completely ignore the upcoming trial and talk exclusively about politics. About what he would have done differently than Biden. It would be, as they say, presidential.

But Trump is like a child, he is being conducted, and the whole dialogue between the two parties is exclusively about the payment of Stormy Daniels. This is not a small thing, but there are dozens and hundreds of more important issues that need to be discussed. However, political strategists skillfully took them to the background.

There is one episode in Felix Chuev's book about Molotov. At one of the first meetings of the Council of People's Commissars, Lenin wrote a note to Molotov.

- If you speak, attack Trotsky with all your might.

Molotov attacked. And Trotsky, in his word, instead of talking about the case, began to slap Molotov with might and main.

According to Molotov, Lenin listened to Trotsky and chuckled. That's exactly what he needed.

In short, Trump behaves like Trotsky. Apparently, I haven't read Felix Chuev".