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Session of white magic: the State Duma proposed to increase the birth rate with the help of billboards

Session of white magic: the State Duma proposed to increase the birth rate with the help of billboards

10 апреля 2023, 07:53
The State Duma deputy seriously called for the image of a large family to be popularized in advertising so that citizens become more active in giving birth.
Birth rate

Russian media and social networks do not get tired of discussing the severe demographic crisis in which our country has found itself in recent years. The figures are truly shocking. So, the channel "Equality. Media" found out that even according to official Rosstat data collected in predominantly Russian regions. The total birth rate among Russians in 2022 decreased from 1.45 to the minimum for 15 years of 1.36, This coefficient reflects the number of children per woman of reproductive age and was 35% lower than simple reproduction (2.1).

The well-known Russian demographer is absolutely sure that the Russian population census is falsified, and the number of inhabitants in the country is overestimated by about 5 million people. That is, according to the demographer, all official statistics are fake, the scale of which is impressive. By the end of the century, less than 100 million people may live in Russia," Raksha is sure.

It cannot be said that the country's authorities do not understand the gravity of the situation. They perfectly understand and offer different solutions to this problem. Sometimes even so bizarre that you don't know whether to cry or laugh. For example, State Duma deputy Dmitry Gusev proposed to raise the birth rate in Russia in the literal sense of the word – magically: through advertising. The parliamentarian urged to popularize the image of a large family and then Russians will immediately begin to give birth to children: 

"A large family will be in every advertisement where the image of a Russian family is used. In every video, on every billboard, in every advertising message".

That is, Gusev dreams of making the role of a large family a familiar role model, and has already prepared amendments to the law "On Advertising". If all the images of the family in each advertisement are only large, the deputy is sure, after a while, this will become a familiar role model and will help increase the number of large families in Russia from 2 million to 11 million.

Public figure Elvira Vyakhireva comments on this brightest example of magical thinking in her blog:

"In this way, they probably plan to solve all the problems in the country.

Are you starving?

Show a juicy hamburger on TV.

On the verge of poverty?

To broadcast money in prime time, by all means.

Are you sick hard and for a long time?

As a pill, we look at the advertising of medicines and innovations in medicine.

We watched TV and life got better",