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The European Union is preparing to adopt the 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions by the end of the week

10 апреля 2023, 05:37
Restrictions may affect Rosatom.

The European Union plans to adopt the 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions by the end of April, according to sources from the European Parliament quoted by Izvestia. Restrictions may apply to Turkey, Kazakhstan and Arab countries. The measures are related to the mechanism for preventing circumvention of already imposed sanctions.

German MEP Gunnar Beck believes that new anti-Russian sanctions can be agreed before the end of the week. Restrictions may also apply to other countries, but this will probably happen in stages. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said that the 11th package of sanctions will affect more businessmen from Russia, as well as contain secondary sanctions against those who help circumvent already adopted restrictions.

The Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, confirmed that the possibility of imposing sanctions on the Russian nuclear sector, including the state corporation Rosatom, is being considered. These sanctions may affect members of the board of directors and new contracts.

Politico writes that EU countries intend to discuss new restrictions after Catholic Easter (April 9). Now more than 8.2 thousand Russian citizens are under the sanctions of foreign countries. The total number of sub-sanctioned legal entities currently exceeds 12 thousand.