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Dmitry Peskov: the Kremlin is not discussing the restart of privatization in the Russian Federation

11 апреля 2023, 11:00
Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, at the request of journalists, commented on the initiatives of the head of VTB Andrey Kostin to restart privatization in the country. A Kremlin spokesman said the authorities were not discussing the issue, but called the proposal "very interesting".

"This is not discussed in the Kremlin, but, of course, all economists, all experts and authoritative participants in the economic life of the country and the banking sector are discussing various topics related to accelerating the economic development of the country in the conditions in which we are now. And therefore, of course, one of the points of view that was presented here by Kostin is very interesting here", - Peskov commented (quoted by Kommersant).

Earlier, Kostin proposed restarting privatization in Russia. He expressed confidence that this measure would become a source of funds for the development of a new model of economic growth in the country. In his opinion, the decision will help strengthen the foundations of market mechanisms in the Russian Federation, as well as improve the dynamics of the stock market, lead to the creation of a new generation of managers and provide the competition necessary for the development of the economy. The head of VTB stressed that privatization has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness. He outlined his ideas in an article for RBC titled: "Three answers to one question — how to return money to the economy".