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Annual inflation slowed to 3.5%

Annual inflation slowed to 3.5%

12 апреля 2023, 17:12
The basic consumer price index in March was 100.37%.

In March of this year, inflation in Russia slowed to 3.51% in annual terms after 10.99% in February, according to Rosstat. This is the lowest level since July 2020. For the month, inflation was 0.37%, while in January and February, this indicator was 0.46% and 0.84%, respectively.

The basic consumer price index in March was 100.37%. Food prices increased by 0.13% on a monthly basis and by 2.57% on an annual basis. Prices for non-food products increased by 0.14% over the past month (in annual terms — 0.12%). The cost of services in March increased by 0.97% (in annual terms — 9.73%).

In 20 regions of Russia, consumer prices increased by 0.5% or more. The maximum increase in prices — 0.7% — was recorded in Karelia, Kaluga, Moscow, Tomsk regions, Tyva and Kamchatka Krai. In Moscow, prices for the month increased by 0.4%, and in St. Petersburg — by 0.6% (since the beginning of the year — by 1.8% and 1.9%, respectively).

The biggest price increase in March was registered on eggs: by 3.6%. Dry milk mixes for baby food rose by 1.9%, and frozen undivided fish, granulated sugar and fruit juices - by 1.3%. Frozen squid, salmon roe and flour have become more expensive by 1.2%. On the other hand, buckwheat fell by 3.3%, oatmeal and pearl barley — by 2%, chicken — by 1.9%, semolina — by 1.6%, peas and beans — by 1.1%, as well as liver and fish — by 1%.

Tomato prices increased by 18.1%. Grapes rose in price by 7.6%, fresh herbs and bananas — by 5.2%.