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Beer producer Bud signed an advertising contract with a transgender person and lost $ 6 billion

13 апреля 2023, 16:06
Anheuser-Busch lost over six billion dollars in market capitalization after one of its brands, Bud Light, signed an advertising contract with popular actress and transgender comedian Dylan Mulvaney.

The partnership with a transgender person, announced on April 2, caused a negative reaction in society, the Daily Mail reports. Sales of Bud Light beer in the United States began to fall. American consumers in social networks are calling for giving up the drink. Restaurateurs note that over the past week, the demand for this beer in bars has decreased by 50-70%. Beer lovers refuse it because they consider it unacceptable that their favorite beer has been made part of a fashionable political agenda.

This was reflected in the company's shares, which fell by more than 5% - from $ 66 to $ 63. "Currently, the company's market capitalization is 125.73 billion dollars. Six days ago, it was $ 132.38 billion", - the newspaper notes.

The company also said that they would not abandon the contract due to consumer dissatisfaction. "Anheuser-Busch works with hundreds of influencers, which is one of many ways to establish a genuine connection with an audience from different demographic groups", - the company said in a statement.

Dylan Mulvaney is a popular TikTok actress and comedian. She has 10.8 million subscribers.