Posted 13 апреля 2023,, 12:58

Published 13 апреля 2023,, 12:58

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Digital woman Claudia earned $100 by selling her nudes

Digital woman Claudia earned $100 by selling her nudes

13 апреля 2023, 12:58
Claudia was created by Stable Diffusion, an artificial intelligence program that creates realistic photos based on simple text prompts.

An ultra-realistic woman named Claudia, entirely created with the help of artificial intelligence, became the star of the Reddit platform and earned $ 100. Men honestly paid to get her nude, reports The Independent.

The profile of a 19-year-old figure-skater brunette with black stockings and school dresses began to appear on various Reddit forums a few months ago. Some of her photos collected hundreds of completely sincere admiring comments. And not only comments: for a small fee, Claudia offered everyone to purchase images of her nude and candid videos.

Some users noticed that the pictures looked too licked to be real. "If you've ever worked with artificial intelligence image models and created your own, you'll immediately see that this is 10,000% the case", - one user wrote. Others noticed that Claudia never showed her hands: it is known that AI is not able to recreate a human hand, digital "people" usually have anomalies like six fingers.

But, despite all the warnings, Claudia managed to get several invitations to a date and earn about $ 100 on the sale of her nude photos. This was told in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine by the creators of the u / Cl4ud14 account – a duo of IT students. "We can say that this whole account is just a test to check whether it is possible to deceive people with pictures created by artificial intelligence", - they said. – It can be compared to vloggers, when people create their own characters. To be honest, we didn't expect such popularity".

Claudia is an example of a new trend that arose due to the ability to generate exclusively photorealistic images of people, both fictional and real, using AI. While deepfake porn uses editing tools for existing videos, neural network diffusion models are generating new images based on billions of uploaded images.

Claudia was created by Stable Diffusion, an artificial intelligence program that creates realistic photos using simple text prompts. Its creators asked the system to generate an image of a woman "without makeup, with shoulder-length black hair and bangs." Then they supplemented the image with descriptions of Claudia's not always decent adventures. These revelations attracted the attention of other users who wanted to know more about the girl.

London-based startup Stability AI, which created Stable Diffusion, prohibits users from using its program to generate "obscene, offensive pornographic" images. However, due to the popularity of Stable Diffusion, the company is unable to track how its technologies are being used.