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The drug for diabetes "Rebelsas" will cease to be supplied to Russia from 2024

13 апреля 2023, 04:30
Since January, 9240 packages of this medicine have been released into civil circulation.

Roszdravnadzor reported that another Danish drug for the treatment of diabetes mellitus will cease to be supplied to Russia starting from 2024. The Novo Nordisk company in November 2022 informed Roszdravnadzor about the termination of deliveries of the drug "Rebelsas" (INN Semaglutide) to Russia starting from 2024. This year (in the first three months), 9240 packages of this medicine were released, deliveries will continue until the end of the year.

The drug "Rebelsas" (active ingredient semaglutide) was registered in the Russian Federation in 2021 and is intended for the treatment of type II diabetes mellitus in adult patients. There are analogues on the Russian pharmaceutical market that can be used to treat this disease.

Earlier, the manufacturer of the Danish drug Ozempik (active ingredient semaglutide) also informed Roszdravnadzor in November 2022 about the termination of supplies of its drug to Russia. However, Ozempik will be available to patients at least until December 2023. In March of this year, a shortage of the most expensive medicines for those suffering from diabetes began in Russian pharmacies.

At the end of last year, an unprecedented demand for the diabetes drug "Trulicity" was recorded in Russia, which caused a shortage of drugs in Russian pharmacies, the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly Pharma said. The company itself, we recall, subsequently left the Russian market.