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Whose water is better? You can drink from the tap only in a few countries in the world. In Russia it is not possible

13 апреля 2023, 12:48
Studies have pointed to a close relationship between the level of social development of the state and the quality of drinking water.

Scientists at Yale University conducted a study of drinking water in the countries of the world and compiled a detailed "water map" of the world based on its results, on which its quality is calculated with an accuracy of one tenth of a point on a 100-point scale. The conclusions turned out to be surprising: the result does not directly depend on the wealth of a particular country, but on the degree of its social development.

The countries of Northern and Western Europe can boast of perfectly purified water from parasites and microbes: Finland, Norway, Austria, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, etc. The water in Italy and Sweden has some disadvantages, but it scored 97 points each.

Poor Greece and Israel took a high place. But the rich Japan (91) and America (89) lag behind the poorer ones.

Surprisingly, Russia, which has huge reserves of the purest water, is not much different from Ukraine, and stands slightly below the Baltic states and slightly above Georgia — around 55 points. By the way, no one in Eastern Europe has risen above 65 points.

According to analyst Alexey Yesod, the connection is obvious: "the more socially developed the state is, regardless of its GDP, the better the benefits intended for the majority of residents".