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WP: The US does not expect the start of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in 2023

13 апреля 2023, 06:30
American intelligence does not expect the start of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in 2023, and also considers it unlikely that the conflict will end within a year under all the scenarios studied. This is reported by The Washington Post (WP) newspaper, relying on secret documents that got into social networks.

"Negotiations on ending the conflict are unlikely during 2023 under all the scenarios considered", - one of the documents says (quoted by Kommersant).

WP clarifies that these conclusions are based on the number of troops, weapons and equipment of both sides. The United States believes that peace talks are unlikely even in the event of "significant" territorial gains by Kiev and "unacceptable losses to Russian forces". At the same time, American intelligence predicts modest successes of Ukraine in the counteroffensive, as it became known earlier.

Washington does not rule out that the ongoing hostilities may provoke criticism in Ukraine. This will "increase the likelihood of a leadership change". In a "political or military context", it is not specified.

In response to WP's appeal, an American official, whose name is not given, said that the decision to hold peace talks remains with the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, and the Ukrainians.

According to WP, the USA expects "insignificant" territorial acquisitions of the parties due to a lack of resources for "effective operations". The publication notes that the situation may lead to "full mobilization" in Ukraine, after which more young people will be involved in the battles. Kiev's strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation are also predicted to intensify, which, according to the newspaper, alarmed some American officials. At the same time, Russia is expected to accelerate the integration of new regions.