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Published 14 апреля 2023,, 11:09

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Daughter supported mom: Kristina Orbakaite dedicated her song to Alla Pugacheva (video)

Daughter supported mom: Kristina Orbakaite dedicated her song to Alla Pugacheva (video)

14 апреля 2023, 11:09
In her new song, Kristina Orbakaite speaks very warmly about her mother, and has no doubt that she will sing for a long time.

Ivan Zubov

A loud event took place in Russian pop music: Alla Pugacheva's daughter Kristina Orbakaite recorded a new song dedicated to her disgraced mother, who is forced to live in Israel today because of her political position.


The chorus of Orbakaite's new song reads: "Stones will fly from the sky, Alla will sing. The wings will burn from behind, Alla will sing. Bullets will fly into the soul, Alla will sing. To everyone who wants to burn with the sun, Alla will sing."

Orbakaite herself wrote in her blog. that her song is about a strong woman, "who sang, sings and will sing...".

It is known that after her husband Maxim Galkin was recognized as a foreign agent, Pugacheva called on the Russian authorities to assign this title to herself, and in addition, she called the Russians who supported the special operation "slaves". Of course, her words caused rage and indignation among many citizens of her homeland.

Kristina Orbakaite lives with her family in America, but continues to work in Russia, and has not yet spoken publicly about the special operation.

Her new song has already gathered a huge number of responses on social networks:

- What a beautiful Song! Alla Borisovna is a great singer and personality. Unique. It is the history of our country and life, no one will ever cross it out. There is simply no equal to it in scale in our country! She is from the generation of "Gullivers", not "midgets" as now. A few years ago I sang "keep your head down, daughter", and this song has become relevant now.

Oh, times, oh, manners!- Kristina is a very wise girl, mother's daughter!

Alla Borisovna has devoted most of her life to the stage and there has come a period in her life when she can finally live for herself, devote time to children, grandchildren ...! She is not our "property" to put prohibitions and even more so to judge?! My opinion will never change, she was, is and will be one of the brightest and most soulful singers of my time, who could leave a trace like that and again, despite all the attacks and speculation, God bless her!!!!