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Feasting during SMO: one can rent an apartment in the center of Kiev for $ 30 thousand per month

14 апреля 2023, 10:14

Rent of expensive apartments in Kiev reaches 30 thousand dollars a month

Even in the midst of the fighting in Ukraine, real estate prices remain high.

Social contrasts in Ukraine are such that with 13 million refugees, residents of the capital have the opportunity to pay a lot of money for apartment rentals. So, in one of the Ukrainian channels dedicated to Kiev life, there was an announcement about renting an apartment in the Pechersk district, in the very center of the city, for a very large sum even by Moscow standards – 30 thousand American dollars. This publication did not cause any other reaction than obscene exclamations from readers in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the average cost per square meter in the secondary market of Ukraine ranges from $640 in frontline Kherson to $2,000 in relatively safe Kiev.