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Finnish diplomats in Moscow received a suspicious powder in the mail

14 апреля 2023, 12:53
The Finnish Embassy in Moscow confirmed to NI that three envelopes with an unknown white powder were found in the mailbox of the diplomatic mission located in Kropotkinsky Lane the day before. The diplomats complained to the Russian Foreign Ministry and the FSB.

As expected, the suspicious substance was seized and sent for examination.

"In accordance with the security rules of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, these letters were handed over to representatives of official bodies of Russia, who are conducting further study of the issue", - said the cultural adviser of the Embassy Suomi Jussi Palmen.

As the website reported a day earlier, the French embassy in Moscow received a parcel with bones. They were in a white bag with the signature "Russian Post". The "jokers" indicated producer Pierre Notarianni from Italy, who died in 2006, as the sender.

In December 2022, a parcel arrived at the French Embassy in Moscow with two cans containing a dead mouse and a spider. The cargo did not pass the scanner check, after which the diplomats called the police to the scene.