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Metallica has released a new album for the first time since 2016

14 апреля 2023, 14:13
The American metal band Metallica has recorded a new album called "72 seasons" ("72 seasons").

As the vocalist and guitarist of the band James Hatfield explained, this name was not chosen by chance for the band. It symbolizes the first 19 years of a person's life, which form both true and false ideas about his personality.

The album was announced in November last year. At the same time, a video for one of the songs from this album was released. It's about the composition "Lux terna".

In total, the new album features 12 songs. This is the 11th album recorded by an American metal band and the first since 2016. It was recorded on Blackened Records, which belongs to this group. The producer of the new album, as well as the album released in 2016, was Greg Fidelman.

The band is scheduled to tour Europe and North America at the end of April.

The last time Metallica came to Russia with a concert was in 2019. Then, at a concert in Luzhniki, the musicians performed Viktor Tsoi's song "Blood Group".