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Nobody needs them: what awaits most of the evaders who managed to escape abroad

Nobody needs them: what awaits most of the evaders who managed to escape abroad

14 апреля 2023, 11:07
After the adoption of the new law on conscription, the doors abroad for millions of Russians have actually closed, and those who manage to leave are waiting for very harsh everyday life.

It is no secret that immediately after the announcement of partial mobilization last fall, information began to appear on the Network about the necessary actions that need to be taken to leave for a particular country. As a result , the memo for emigrants looks like this:


- To issue a power of attorney for a person remaining in Russia.

If there is no time for registration, it can be done already while abroad. Collect documents: passports, education documents, birth certificate, marriage certificate, rights, etc.

- Money: you can export up to $ 10,000 per person (or the equivalent in other currencies) from Russia in cash without declaring.

Entry without a passport:

Armenia (you can stay 180 days, de facto the visa is working), Kazakhstan (90 days), Kyrgyzstan (30 days without registration + 6 months with registration at the place of residence).

Don't move to Belarus!

Entry with a passport without a visa (not a complete list):

Georgia (360 days, visa), Mexico (180 days, simple electronic visa processing), Turkey (60+30 days), Argentina (90 days), Montenegro (30 days, visa), Thailand (30 days), Serbia (30 days, visa), Mongolia (30 days).

Iron Curtain 2.0

However, the reality turned out to be, as always, much more complicated.

Firstly, not everyone can take 10 thousand dollars with them (they may not be in principle).

Secondly, and most importantly, Russian "evaders" have already been expelled from Kazakhstan and Armenia, and they may simply not be allowed into Georgia, and there have been many cases of people "turning around" at the border.  It is not so easy to get to Mexico and Argentina, and the chance of being expelled is not zero. 

That is, in fact, there are only a couple of places left for the fugitives, without the right to receive money from Russia, without a residence permit, in the absence of work and without a guarantee of non-return to Russia. Therefore, the calls "drop everything and run" simply do not take into account the reality: the presence of an established "iron curtain" around Russia for ordinary Russians, to which an "iron curtain" has now been added inside Russia itself.

But the most paradoxical thing is that the Russian opposition, quite comfortably settled abroad, with the rarest exceptions, practically does not help its fleeing compatriots in any way, either financially, morally, or psychologically, but it is happy to hold congresses and seminars at which it eagerly discusses the future of Russia. Well, as for the "ordinary Russians", on whom, in fact, the opposition should rely, as always, no one needs them.