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The Constitutional Council of France recognized the pension reform as legitimate

14 апреля 2023, 16:02
The decision was made on April 14.

Now the retirement age in France has been raised to 64 years. Six points of the pension bill were rejected, including the one according to which fines should be introduced for enterprises that refuse to employ citizens over 55 years of age.

The corresponding decision was made by the Constitutional Council. The adoption of the reform was accompanied by mass protests across the country. Citizens took to the streets, clashes with the police took place during rallies, and the rating of President Emmanuel Macron fell record-breaking.

Macron pointed out that today's meeting of the Constitutional Council of France will put an end to the dispute over pension reform. Millions of discontented citizens across the country on April 13 went to their "last and decisive battle". Fearing unrest, the Paris Police Prefecture banned any demonstrations near the building of the Constitutional Council, the entrance to which was already littered with garbage on Thursday morning by demonstrators.

Local media write that more than 130 mass demonstrations are expected in Paris and across France on Friday. Most of them will be held in the evening after the announcement of the verdict of the Constitutional Court on pension reform.