Posted 14 апреля 2023,, 08:29

Published 14 апреля 2023,, 08:29

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Updated 14 апреля 2023,, 11:31

The Pacific Fleet was alerted for a sudden check

The Pacific Fleet was alerted for a sudden check

14 апреля 2023, 08:29
The TOPH is brought to the highest degree of readiness.

The head of the Defense Ministry, Sergey Shoigu, announced the raising of the Pacific Fleet to full combat readiness for a surprise inspection. The main purpose of the inspection is to strengthen the ability of the Armed Forces to repel enemy aggression from the sea. During the event, the fleet will have to repel massive missile and air strikes, conduct exercises to search for and destroy submarines, perform torpedo, artillery firing and missile launches when hitting ship strike groups and ground targets.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, heads the inspection, which also includes the involvement of Aerospace Forces, military units and support units. In turn, the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov said that the inspection will take place in three stages: at the first stage, the fleet will be brought into full combat readiness, and at the second stage, the permanent readiness forces will be deployed from bases to combat training areas. Finally, at the third stage, practical combat training tasks will be worked out. Shoigu also instructed to work out the use of groups of troops using modern means of destruction and new forms of action.