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Published 14 апреля 2023,, 10:30

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Trend of the day: household appliances have risen in price by 8-10% due to the devaluation of the ruble

Trend of the day: household appliances have risen in price by 8-10% due to the devaluation of the ruble

14 апреля 2023, 10:30
Prices are rising both for goods imported through parallel imports, and for equipment officially delivered to Russia, for example from China.

Hisense company from China told Kommersant that prices for their climate equipment have increased by 4-8% since April 12. The Gorenje brand, part of the Hisense group, notified retailers that from May 1, prices for household appliances will increase by at least 5% due to a noticeable increase in prices for raw materials. The Chinese company Midea also sent similar notifications to its stores, saying that since March 20, prices for large and embedded equipment Midea, Toshiba and Comfee have increased by an average of 5%.

Prices for electronics, including in large stores, have increased much more than was confirmed by retailers and manufacturers. For example, in "M.Video" from April 7 to April 12, prices for some Samsung TV models increased from 64.9 thousand rubles. with a discount of 5 thousand rubles to 74.9 thousand rubles, and prices for Gorenje refrigerators rose from 41.9 thousand to 53.9 thousand rubles. In "M.Video-Eldorado" stated that the prices of these goods did not rise, but the promotions ended.

Recall that the ruble is rapidly getting cheaper. On the stock exchange for $ 1 already give more than 82 rubles. The word "devaluation" has become almost sacred for Russians. For whom or for what do they "hold" a weak ruble? Economist Ivan Antropov points out that the rule "cheaper national currency – easier for exporters" works only if the industry has already passed the stage of development and is firmly on its feet. Otherwise, there are more problems than advantages. Leading Analyst at Freedom Finance Global Natalia Milchakova adds: in addition to the course itself, its stability is extremely important for business.

Meanwhile, already every sixth citizen does not have enough money for food or clothes. Rosstat reported that by the end of 2022, the share of Russians whose incomes are below the poverty line was 10.5% of the population.