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Tatyana Moskalkova received in 2022 18.6 thousand appeals related to Special military operation

Tatyana Moskalkova received in 2022 18.6 thousand appeals related to Special military operation

17 апреля 2023, 04:25
In total, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia received 79,420 appeals during the year.

More than 23% of them were connected with the special operation, Vedomosti writes. These data are contained in the report that the Ombudsman will present to the State Duma on May 17. The text says that during the year 168 civilians (truckers, sailors, employees of enterprises) and 577 Russian military were released and returned to the country from captivity.

4277 appeals relate to "assistance to citizens of the LPR, DPR and Ukraine", 10,817 — protection of the rights of military personnel from the combat zone, 3493 — mobilized. The main topic of the report was the protection of human rights. It concerns evacuees from the combat zone, the military and their families, human rights activities within the framework of partial mobilization, the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation abroad.

The Ombudsman's Office assisted 6533 evacuees in solving legal and social issues. 32 criminal cases have been initiated on the fact of harsh treatment and torture of Russian servicemen who were captured in Ukraine. In addition, the draft decisions were revised as part of the partial mobilization of 134 citizens.

It's worth reminding that on the eve of the founder of the private military company "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin said that on the eve of Easter, a large group of prisoners was transferred to Ukraine. Then the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Yermak also reported on the exchange of prisoners. He clarified that Kiev had received 130 soldiers. It is not said, however, how many Russian fighters have returned from Ukrainian captivity.

Two days before, the Ukrainian Ministry for Reintegration announced the receipt of 82 bodies of dead Ukrainian militants. The last time the Ukrainian Ministry reported on the exchange of the bodies of the dead was on March 24. Then it was noted about the transfer of the bodies of 83 Ukrainian soldiers. On April 10, Tatyana Moskalkova announced the return of 106 Russians from Ukrainian captivity. All of them will undergo rehabilitation.