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Dmitry Doev: Education, Career, and Hobbies of VIS Group's CEO

15 мая 2023, 14:24
Dmitry Doev is a Russian executive with tremendous experience in the fuel and energy sector. He presently heads a large infrastructure group driving development through public-private partnerships.

Doev Dmitry: childhood, education, teaching


Dmitry Doev is a native of Leningrad, born to the family of a researcher in 1966. His father, Vitaly, had a Ph.D. and taught classes at Leningrad State Railroad Technical Institute (LIIZhT) (now PGUPS). Dmitry Doev, whose biography is associated with a technical specialty, has loved the exact sciences since childhood. He received his primary education at a school that specialized in mathematics. He also showed great interest in physics. After the end of his daily lessons, he liked to walk along the city streets and the city embankment. After watching the Soviet film «The Andromeda Nebula, » Dmitry Doev wished to become an astronaut. But then, as the top manager recalls, he «grew up» and, on the advice of his parents, chose the profession of an engineer.


Having received a certificate for his secondary education, Dmitry Doev entered the famous St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. (At that time, this university was named the Mikhail I. Kalinin Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.) Doev Dmitry Vitalievich received a diploma for his vocational education in 1989, where he specialized in dynamics and the strength of materials.


Following his graduation, there was a short work period with one of the research institutes in Leningrad. There was a further period when the future business leader decided to continue his career as an assistant within the walls of Leningrad Polytechnic University, his alma mater. As a department assistant, he spent several years conducting laboratory work and periodically giving lectures. «By and large, I taught students how to solve problems, ” says Dmitry Doev in one interview. Realizing that teaching was not exactly what he wanted to devote his life to, the future manager decided to leave the department.




Doev Dmitry Vitalievich: Engineer and Entrepreneur




In the 1990s, Dmitry Doev, whose biography included teaching and research work, began to engage in wide-ranging business activity. He cooperated with many St. Petersburg-based industrial enterprises, including several projects related to equipment supply to the facilities of Gazprom, Russia's national energy company. His partners soon appreciated Doev Dmitry’s professional skills and competency: in 2004, he received an offer to head one of the critical structures within Gazprom.


Doev Dmitry Vitalievich showed himself to be an effective manager. He restructured the company's assets. Four years later, Doev Dmitry took another responsible position within Gazprom: he headed its maintenance and repair division. This division looked after all of the energy company’s production facilities. In this position, he effectively solved the issues of import substitution. Dmitry Doev introduced complex types of repair work into the production process and supervised the construction of gas distribution stations. In addition, he became one of the developers of Russia’s United Gas Supply System.


In 2019, Doev Dmitry decided to step down from his post with Gazprom. His career continued with other large companies in Russia.

Dmitry Doev: VIS Group and socially significant facilities

The Dmitry Doev biography shows solid management experience. In 2021, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich received an offer to become CEO of the VIS Group. VIS Group is an extensive infrastructure and development enterprise. It builds everything from bridges to highways, from schools to concert halls. It uses a unique arrangement of «public-private partnerships, » where local businesses, the Russian State, and the VIS Group invest in any given project together. This mutual involvement completes projects quickly, with optimal quality and the most economical costs. VIS Group has built over 100 large-scale transport infrastructure facilities, schools, medical institutions, and convention centers, and more projects continue to be built.


Dmitry Doev VIS Group built the modern Khabarovsk Bypass. This highway has become the first paid transport artery in the Far East, where drivers can move at 120 km/h. This new road relieves congestion on the regional capital's existing road network by almost 20% and positively impacts the environment. The VIS Group opened the expressway to traffic in the middle of summer 2022. As Dmitry Doev notes, the Khabarovsk Bypass is also crucial for international cooperation: the highway will help increase freight traffic from China.


The Group is currently building a high-speed highway in the Moscow region. The Mytishchi connector is a northern alternate to part of the Moscow Ring Road. As noted by Dmitry Doev, the VIS Group financed 80% of the construction work at this facility. This greatly helped to reduce the burden on the Moscow region's budget.


Dmitry Doev declares the VIS Group can implement the most complex projects. Thus, in Yakutia, Dmitry Doev VIS Group is now building a unique complex that has no analogues in the world. This complex project will house the State Philharmonic and the Arctic Center of Epic Literature and the Arts under one roof. Inside, the complex will be equipped with premises for forums and exhibitions. The building will have 33 thousand square meters of floor space. This arts complex promises to become one of the largest in the country. It will be possible to hold regional and federal events, including conferences and performances. The construction of the complex is proceeding according to plan, with 2024 as the projected opening date.


The adjacent territory will also be landscaped — in February 2023, preparation of the site for a pedestrian recreational zone began. The developers of the famous Zaryadye Park in Moscow were involved in its design.


The Dmitry Doev VIS Group is also building a road bridge across the River Ob’ in Novosibirsk. In March 2023, the builders completed one of the project's most critical stages: erecting the central tower for the cable-stayed bridge. In addition to constructing the bridge, VIS Group specialists will create over five kilometers of road infrastructure, such as vehicle approaches to the crossing with traffic interchanges. This will modernize the transport system of one of Siberia's most densely populated cities.


In addition, the company, headed by Doev Dmitry Vitalievich, builds bridges in other regions of the Russian Federation. In particular, it conducts similar projects in Yakutia and the Kaliningrad regions.


Dmitry Doev intends VIS Group to continue its active interaction with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Therefore the number of partners is constantly increasing.


Doev Dmitry Vitalievich: Hobbies and Family Life

The Dmitry Doev biography has much to say about this man’s success in the business and professional fields. However, it does not say much about Mr. Doev’s life outside the office. It is known that the top manager is married and that his family has two children (a son and a daughter).


Doev Dmitry has been fond of reading since childhood — he has his own library — but now he prefers electronic publications. Among literature, he likes books that describe tactics and military strategy. In these works, he sees much in common with the «battlefield» of modern business managers. The top executive of VIS is also a fan of speed and motorcycles.