Posted 20 июня 2023,, 06:20

Published 20 июня 2023,, 06:20

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The bathyscaphe missing near the sunken Titanic has been contacted

The bathyscaphe missing near the sunken Titanic has been contacted

20 июня 2023, 06:20
One of the crew members of the bathyscaphe that disappeared during the expedition to the sunken Titanic, Irish researcher Rory Golden, got in touch. He wrote on his social network page that he was fine.

«I'm fine», — the Irish Sun newspaper quoted him as saying.

In his statement, he also asked not to make assumptions about who else is on board this bathyscaphe, noting that «this is tactless».

Rory Golden thanked everyone who was worried about him. He added that the team's Internet access options are currently limited. Everyone is waiting for rescuers.

The publication notes that Rory Golden was the first Irish diver who descended to the wreckage of a sunken ship in 2000.

On the eve it became known that the bathyscaphe carrying out the expedition to the Titanic stopped communicating. Rescuers organized a search for him 900 miles from Cape Cod on the Atlantic coast of the United States.

CNN reports that there were five people on board the bathyscaphe. Fox notes that the team has oxygen for 72 hours. Sky News reports that British billionaire Hamish Harding, as well as a veteran of deep-sea research from France, Paul-Henri Nargole and the founder of an American company that arranges such excursions, Stockton Rush, may be on board the bathyscaphe. The cost of one such tour is 250 thousand dollars.