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Published 20 июня 2023,, 07:29

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Tsar-Banners: The network is worried about the fate of three giant flags in St. Petersburg

Tsar-Banners: The network is worried about the fate of three giant flags in St. Petersburg

20 июня 2023, 07:29
In social networks, in connection with the disappearance of three flags near the Lakhta Center, they remind that in Russia there is already a Tsar Bell that never rings and a Tsar Cannon that never shoots.

As you know, on June 17, three huge flags — the Russian Empire, the USSR and Of Russia. Putin watched the action from aboard the yacht Okhta. After the ceremony, a festive concert was held on the stage of the large amphitheater of the Lakhta Center. Later, the Rotunda publication announced the «price of the issue»: it turned out that Gazprom spent 2 billion rubles on this project — three flags and the highest flagpoles in Europe. It turns out that in the summer of 2021, Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg LLC announced the purchase of three flagpoles, but the documents themselves were not published, and the contract was concluded with a single supplier. In addition, this purchase qualifies as the purchase and sale of own real estate.

At the same time, an assumption appeared in the city media of St. Petersburg that, perhaps, we are talking about the construction of sports and cultural and leisure infrastructure at this place, and this space itself — a promenade on the Southern Road, a stage and a pavilion for receptions — is called a «Flagpole». In addition, they promise to open a year-round swimming pool in 2025.

Flags were lowered — money is wasted?

However, another thing is curious: the fact is that these flags hung for only two days, after which they were lowered. Igor Krasnov, General Director of Zenit-Arena JSC, explained to Fontanka that, it turns out, they need to be lowered every two days so that the canvases do not wear out. And in general, flags are not raised in certain weather conditions:

«Given the size and weight of the flags, they must be lowered every 48 hours for routine maintenance, in order to avoid excessive wear of the canvas. Flags are not raised under certain weather conditions — wind speeds of less than 3 m/s and more than 12 m/s, as well as in heavy rain, fog, snowfall, hail and icy rain. Such restrictions correspond to global practice and apply to all similar high-rise objects».

On this occasion, social networks are asking questions: will the flags be returned back in the near future, and why spend so much money if they need to be constantly removed and raised?

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner PMC, has already criticized, who, as is known, is in conflict with both the St. Petersburg authorities and Gazprom. He wonders why such a huge amount of money was not given to the needs of his own.

Political scientist Andrey Pesitsky hopes that the banners will be returned:

«And they will hang often, not on holidays. Otherwise, a good curtsey by Putin towards the continuity of Russian history is somehow quite strange to be occupied by Zenit and Gazprom».

Publicist Vera Sokolinskaya draws historical analogies:

«We now have not only a tsar bell that does not ring; a tsar cannon that does not shoot; a giant wheel that does not spin; but also the tallest flagpoles with the largest flags that are not worth raising».

Journalist Igor Shulika is perplexed:

«Three flags — two billion rubles. It would be better to buy two more Brazilians at Zenit, they would be enough for more than two days».

In addition, such a version of events appeared on the Network:

«There are a lot of security forces now, and all are required to successfully solve cases and investigations. As soon as the flag is frayed, the case under Article 329 of the Criminal Code, which is about the abuse of the state symbol, will be ready immediately. That's why the efficient business executives took measures so quickly to cover their asses».