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Published 22 июня 2023,, 14:04

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Moscow is among the hundred most livable cities on the planet

Moscow is among the hundred most livable cities on the planet

22 июня 2023, 14:04
The Russian capital took 96th place.

The rating of the most livable cities is compiled annually by The Economist.

The first place in the rating is occupied by Austrian Vienna for the second year in a row. «Vienna is an unsurpassed combination of stability, good infrastructure, strong education and medical services, as well as many cultural and recreational activities, with one of the few drawbacks — the lack of major sporting events, » wrote The Economist. Over the past five years, Vienna has topped the ranking four times. The Austrian capital slipped in the ranking only in 2021, after museums, restaurants and cafes were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is in second place. Melbourne and Sydney took third and fourth places. Vancouver, Zurich, Calgary, Geneva, Toronto and Osaka are also in the top ten.

Large cities with their «high levels of crime, congestion and population density» are located in lower positions. For example, London has dropped by 12 positions at once over the year, and is now in 46th place. New York sank by nine points, taking the 69th line of the rating.

The worst cities to live in, according to the presented rating, were recognized as the Pakistani city of Karachi, Nigerian Lagos, as well as Algeria, the capital of Libya Tripoli and the capital of Syria Damascus.