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The market is wondering what the price of the new Lada X-Cross 5 will be

The market is wondering what the price of the new Lada X-Cross 5 will be

22 июня 2023, 08:57
Avtovaz is preparing to sell a new model — an urban crossover. The prices for the new product are still kept secret, but it is already possible to book.
Chinese cars

In St. Petersburg, the assembly of the new Avtovaz Lada X-Cross 5 model began at the former Nissan plant. The crossover was presented and allowed to touch at the last St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Judging by the positive reviews of auto journalists who managed to see the novelty in detail, the car is not much different from the donor — the Chinese model FAW Bestune T77. Even the nameplate on the steering wheel did not have time to change to the Vaz rook.

Therefore, Lada X-Cross 5 did not become something new and unusual. The car will be offered with a turbocharged 160 hp engine and only with a 7-speed robot. The car is equipped with safety systems: driver fatigue monitoring, lane departure warning, adaptive high beam switching, all-round vision and emergency braking systems, single-zone climate control. Multimedia is solved in the idea of an impressive touchscreen. In an older configuration, the same screen will act as an instrument panel. In the cheaper version, the driver's screen will be smaller. In addition, the car comes with a panoramic roof. From other Lada models, the new car will be distinguished by a richer interior trim: a two-tone interior with soft eco-leather, wood inserts, lighting. If you transfer to Lada X-Cross 5 from other VAZ models, the progress will be on the face.

When can I buy it?


Novye Izvestia called several official Lada dealers asking when the X-Cross 5 will be on sale?

— Most likely, not before August, the car is already being produced, but it hasn't come to us yet.

— And what will be the price?

— The cost has not been brought to us yet, — said the dealer, — but if you have an interest, we can record you, and as soon as the cars arrive, we will call you right away.

There are already reports on the web that the new Lada X-Cross 5 is coming to dealers. Users of social networks have already paid attention to the Nevazov nameplates on the steering wheel, as well as the FAW logo on the wheels.

«At least this part could be replaced… done in a normal way, not like this. So I understand, the radiator grille is also unchanged. The Lada nameplate is installed through an adapter, » motorists write.

And they even joke, remembering the greed of dealers: «Replacing the nameplate on the steering wheel is an extra».

How much will it cost?


But the main issue that worries potential buyers is the price. The cost of the donor model FAW Bestune T77 is 2,019,000 rubles. But this amount is asked for a car with a manual transmission. The machine adds about 100 thousand rubles, plus the Lada initially has a richer configuration.

As part of the SPIEF, the head of AVTOVAZ Maxim Sokolov outlined the upper price level — up to 2.5 million rubles. But, according to him, the final price list will be formed closer to the start of sales. Plus, some amount needs to be put on the «liberties» of dealers.

Lada X-cross 5 will have to compete not only with the parent model, but also with other Chinese brands: for example, Geely Atlas Pro offers from 2,208,990 rubles, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro — from 2,709,900 rubles. Another similar model GAC GS5 — price from 2,099,000 rubles.