Posted 23 июня 2023,, 10:17

Published 23 июня 2023,, 10:17

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Mother's heart. May Musk asks her son to cancel his fight with Mark Zuckerberg

Mother's heart. May Musk asks her son to cancel his fight with Mark Zuckerberg

23 июня 2023, 10:17
In her blog, Elon Musk's mother appealed to her son not to fight with competitor Mark Zuckerberg, to which the son replied with a smiley face.

Elon Musk's mother Mei Musk forbade her son to fight in the octagon with Mark Zuckerberg. In her blog, she wrote: «No joking. Fight with words only, in armchairs. 4 feet apart. The funniest person wins». In addition, she asked social networks not to support the fight, which has already been dubbed the «duel of billionaires.»

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, Musk offered to hold a «cage fight» with the owner of Facebook (a social network banned in the Russian Federation) by Zuckerberg in Las Vegas. This idea began with another joke by Musk about the fact that Meta (banned in the Russian Federation as extremist) «steals» its solutions from competitors, after which the owner of Twitter was advised to «be careful», since Zuckerberg owns jiu-jitsu techniques. However, this did not frighten the Mask, and he declared that he was also not a fool, and was ready to fight in a cage.

For his part, Zuckerberg responded to a competitor's challenge: «Let me know where we will meet»; and then Musk suggested Las Vegas — in the octagon, where UFC fights take place (a sports organization that conducts mixed martial arts fights around the world. Based in Las Vegas), — ed.).

Elon Musk responded to his mother's appeal with a laughing smiley face. But UFC President Dana White has already talked to his rivals and noted that both are serious. It is reported that the American comedian, actor and martial artist Joe Rogan may become the judge of the fight. In addition, former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate invited Musk to become his coach.