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Published 23 июня 2023,, 13:13

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The Russian boxing team refused to compete at the Olympics without a flag

The Russian boxing team refused to compete at the Olympics without a flag

23 июня 2023, 13:13
The captain of the Russian boxing team, Olympic silver medalist, two-time world champion Muslim Gadzhimagomedov said during a press conference that the team refuses to compete at the Olympics under current restrictions, including in a neutral status.
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«We do not agree with the decision of the IOC, we train in the afternoon and evening. We will box, we want to box, but only on a par with other countries. So that there is justice, so that we are not limited. So that we are not told that we have to sign some contracts. We do not want to act with such conditions,» Gadzhimagomedov said (quoted by RBC).

According to the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of March 28, Russian and Belarusian athletes can participate in competitions in a neutral status, subject to a number of criteria and conditions. On the eve of the IOC withdrew recognition from the International Boxing Association (IBA), which allowed boxers of the Russian Federation and Belarus is ready to compete without restrictions. The reason for the recall is problems in the management and financial sector. Prior to that, IBA was temporarily stripped of recognition for this reason in 2019.

The head of the IBA is Umar Kremlev. The organization explained its position by equal conditions for all participants, which is one of the basic principles of modern sports. In response, more than 10 countries announced a boycott of the IBA World Championships, and some of them withdrew from the federation.