Posted 27 июня 2023,, 15:05

Published 27 июня 2023,, 15:05

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Lukashenko stood up for Shoigu

Lukashenko stood up for Shoigu

27 июня 2023, 15:05
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (pictured) said that Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu is «sometimes» unfairly criticized (VIDEO). According to him, the Russian minister has «done a lot» and «occupied his niche».

«I know Shoigu's work. He is sometimes criticized undeservedly», — Lukashenko stressed (quoted by BelTA).

He added that the head of the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly come to the republic to negotiate with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin. Shoigu also held talks with Lukashenko.

«Of course I can't in The media should give what we talked about. We had very serious negotiations with him. General Khrenin met with him more than once, and we calmly supported him with what we could (and could do a lot) and did a lot. And Shoigu has done a lot in this regard. That is, he has taken his niche where he can do something», — the President of Belarus added.

One of the reasons for the events that took place over the weekend in Russia, he called the competition and similarity between Shoigu and the head of the PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin, whom the Belarusian leader called «a very authoritative person in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation». Lukashenko urged not to make anyone a hero, noting that the situation arose due to omissions.