Posted 27 июня 2023,, 06:31

Published 27 июня 2023,, 06:31

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The cost of living in hotels in Crimea has fallen to the level of 2019

The cost of living in hotels in Crimea has fallen to the level of 2019

27 июня 2023, 06:31
Accommodation of vacationers in hotels in Crimea has sharply fallen in price in the summer season of 2023: the cost has fallen to the lowest level since 2019.

This is reported by RBC with reference to the data of the TravelLine unified platform for the hotel business.

In May of this year, one day in the Crimean hotel cost vacationers 6466 rubles, which is 20,5% lower than last year. And in June, when the room cost an average of 7675 rubles per day. This is 16% lower than last year's level. In the last three years, during this period, a day in a Crimean hotel cost an average of 8-9 thousand rubles.

Prices were lower than they are now only in 2019. In May and June, the average price was 6285 and 7105 rubles, respectively.

At the same time, prices are rising in the Krasnodar Territory. Compared with the data of 2022, the increase was 10%, on average up to 8499 rubles per day. This is almost twice as expensive as in 2019, when the room cost 4,630 rubles per day.

Due to the closure of southern airports after the start of the Russian military operation on the territory of Ukraine, as well as due to citizens' concerns about the safety of staying in In Crimea, the flow of tourists to the peninsula has plummeted, hotels are 60% empty.

Auto tourism in Crimea has also sunk due to the huge traffic jams that form at the entrance to Crimean Bridge. Travelers express dissatisfaction with the transport collapse caused by the increased inspection of cars before entering the bridge. Russians do not want to languish for hours in multi-kilometer traffic jams on the road in the sun, waiting for the entrance to the ferry.