Posted 28 июня 2023,, 07:42

Published 28 июня 2023,, 07:42

Modified 28 июня 2023,, 07:53

Updated 28 июня 2023,, 07:53

A heavy downpour is approaching Moscow

A heavy downpour is approaching Moscow

28 июня 2023, 07:42
Almost half of the monthly norm of precipitation may fall in Moscow on Thursday and Friday, June 29-30.

This is reported by the telegram channel «Before anyone else. Well, almost» with reference to weather forecasters.

The day before, Sochi residents received a warning about a possible flood.

Tourists were warned that against the background of unfavorable meteorological conditions, they should not be near mountain rivers. During heavy rains, they can overflow the banks in a matter of minutes and turn into seething mudflows, sweeping away everything in their path.