Posted 28 июня 2023,, 12:15

Published 28 июня 2023,, 12:15

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A limit on purchases of imported equipment will be set to road comopanies

A limit on purchases of imported equipment will be set to road comopanies

28 июня 2023, 12:15
From 2025, the Ministry of Transport plans to establish a requirement for road construction organizations on mandatory purchases of domestic road equipment.

To begin with, the share of domestic machines in the arsenal of construction companies should be at least 30%, and by 2030 it should grow to 60%.

If companies do not comply with these requirements, they will not be allowed to public procurement, Vedomosti reports.

The reason for the introduction of new requirements, the authorities call the stimulation of import substitution programs.

It is expected that the new rules will apply to the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of Russian highways.

The government intends to establish a requirement that road companies applying for the conclusion of state contracts have domestic equipment on the right of ownership, long-term lease or leasing. Technaka must comply with the standards prescribed in the All-Russian Classifier of products by types of economic activity.

Experts believe that if the government decree is adopted, it can provide support to Russian manufacturers of equipment that compete with their Chinese counterparts. However, some experts express concerns about whether the quality of products will suffer at the same time.

Earlier it became known about the plans of the government of the Russian Federation to introduce a ban for state hospitals on the purchase of imported ventilators. It is expected that only domestic devices will be purchased for municipal and state needs. The State Duma states that their quality «practically does not differ» from foreign analogues. The reason for the ban is the same — stimulating the work of domestic manufacturers of medical equipment.