Posted 29 июня 2023,, 04:20

Published 29 июня 2023,, 04:20

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Updated 29 июня 2023,, 06:18

Madonna was hospitalized with a bacterial infection

Madonna was hospitalized with a bacterial infection

29 июня 2023, 04:20
The singer had to cancel the anniversary tour.

American singer Madonna (full name — Madonna Louise Ciccone) was hospitalized and spent several days in the intensive care unit due to a bacterial infection, informs her manager Guy Osry.

Ozri posted a message on the social network, where he said that on Saturday, June 24, the artist developed a serious bacterial infection, as a result of which she had to stay in the intensive care unit for several days. He also noted that the singer's condition is improving, but she will remain under the supervision of doctors until she fully recovers.

Due to the illness, all Madonna's events, including her anniversary tour, will be canceled.

Last year, Brazilian artist Idrelei Diao showed subscribers of his blog what Madonna would look like without filters and Photoshop. He himself has been «animating» cartoon characters for many years, «humanizing» portraits and statues of great people of the past, and sometimes returns real faces to modern stars.