Posted 30 июня 2023,, 07:33

Published 30 июня 2023,, 07:33

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Updated 30 июня 2023,, 08:09

EU Summit: The West will assume security obligations to Ukraine

EU Summit: The West will assume security obligations to Ukraine

30 июня 2023, 07:33
EU leaders will offer Ukraine guarantees of financial, economic and military security

A planned EU summit is being held in Brussels, the main issue of which was the support of Ukraine. EU Commissioner for External Relations Josep Borrel, anticipating the meeting, noted that military assistance to Ukraine should not only expand, but also acquire a certain consistency.

Following the results of the first day, European leaders have already made a statement, from which it becomes clear that the European Union will continue to provide powerful financial, economic, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine and its people for as long as necessary, writes the Financial Times. Europe will also increase pressure on Russia, in order to weaken its military potential, including through the effective implementation of sanctions and preventing their circumvention.

In addition, Europe, together with its partners (meaning, first of all, the United States and Great Britain) is ready to guarantee Ukraine's security in the future, deterring aggression and destabilization of this country from the outside. These will be agreements on long-term financing, military supplies, military training and the transfer of intelligence.

In addition, the European Council will continue to work on finding legal solutions for the use of seized Russian assets for the restoration of Ukraine.