Posted 30 июня 2023,, 04:05

Published 30 июня 2023,, 04:05

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Updated 30 июня 2023,, 08:06

Riots continue in France, there are victims

Riots continue in France, there are victims

30 июня 2023, 04:05
At that time, President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte attended an Elton John concert in Paris.

According to the message of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen on Twitter, 421 people were detained in France because of the riots. It is also reported about the victims during the riots.

The Paris police reported that in In Nanterre, Paris and other necessary places, special forces will be involved to restore order. It has already been sent to the cities of Tours, Avignon, Nantes and Toulouse.

Police station in The software was attacked using Molotov cocktails. The site in Reims was also attacked and looted. A truck was stolen in Sevran, and clashes with police continue in the Seine-Saint-Denis department. There were also clashes with security forces in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

The Nike store on the Chatelet Square in the capital was looted, after which there were clashes with the police. At least 14 people were detained, Le Figaro reports. In Nantes, a car rammed a Lidl supermarket.

Riots and clashes continue in Marseille, according to La Provence. A tourist bus was attacked, and the facade of the library was also damaged. Garbage cans are burning on some streets.

Meanwhile, French leader Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte arrived at an Elton John concert. This happened on Wednesday, when protests were raging in the country. The photo of the president at the concert was published in social networks by Italian model Bianca Brandolini.

In the Paris suburb of Clamare, a night curfew was imposed the day before due to riots that arose after the death of a 17-year-old teenager due to a police officer's shot. The riots began in Nanterre after a policeman stopped a 17-year-old boy for violating traffic rules and shot him for refusing to follow his instructions.