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Published 5 июля 2023,, 04:26

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Kommersant: The Ministry of Transport is preparing to introduce an additional fee for air passengers

Kommersant: The Ministry of Transport is preparing to introduce an additional fee for air passengers

5 июля 2023, 04:26
Presumably, the amount can grow to 300 rubles.

According to Kommersant, the Ministry of Transport is returning to the idea of creating a «reserve fund for passenger support» in the event of airline bankruptcy. Funds for this fund will be collected from passengers in the form of an additional fee when buying air tickets.

In June, the Ministry informed airlines about the work on Rostec's proposal to launch a «national system of mutual settlements on air transport» on the basis of Aviagarant JSC. As a source of guarantee reserves, it is planned to use the «regulated fee charged at the time of registration of transportation».

Rostec confirmed the discussion of this idea, noting that the amount of the fee has not yet been approved, and discussions are underway with airlines. They also excluded the possibility of duplication of the existing fee, which is entered into the System of Mutual settlements on air transport (SVVT, managed by the company TCH). The amount of this fee is 185 rubles.

Air carriers have expressed concerns not only about the duplication of the fee, but also because of a possible increase in air ticket prices. In their opinion, the new fee may amount from 150 to 300 rubles, which will lead to a reduction in passenger traffic and other negative consequences for the aviation industry.

A representative of Rostec said that the collection is necessary to reimburse passengers in case of flight cancellation or bankruptcy of the airline. The representative of the Ministry of Transport indicated that the procedure for the actions of air carriers in case of financial difficulties is not currently defined. The introduction of a new fee would help speed up the refund of funds to customers in case of force majeure, so that passengers do not wait for years. In addition, it can take some of the burden off the budget in case of mass flight cancellations.

Recall that in St. Petersburg decided to introduce a resort fee. The relevant law has already been approved by Governor Alexander Beglov.