Posted 5 июля 2023,, 04:10

Published 5 июля 2023,, 04:10

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The fine for the non-admission of gas workers to the apartment was going to increase to 10 thousand rubles

The fine for the non-admission of gas workers to the apartment was going to increase to 10 thousand rubles

5 июля 2023, 04:10
The new bill proposes a five-fold increase in fines.

The authorities propose to increase fines for non-admission of gas workers to Russian apartments to 10 thousand rubles. The corresponding bill is planned to be submitted to the State Duma in the near future, Izvestia writes.

This bill is aimed at improving the level of safety when using gas equipment in residential buildings and provides for changes in The Code of Administrative Offences (CAO). One of the developers of the document, Senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Andrey Kutepov, said that currently citizens face fines ranging from 1 to 2 thousand rubles for the non-admission of gas workers. The proposed bill proposes to increase these fines by five times — up to 5-10 thousand rubles. For officials, a maximum sanction of 100 thousand rubles is provided, and for legal entities — up to 500 thousand rubles.

The head of the Association of Gas Farms «Sibdalvostokgaz» Andrey Rumyantsev expressed a positive attitude to this initiative, since the problem of non-admission really exists. He believes that people will take a more responsible approach to this issue, fearing possible fines.

However, the head of the Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers Stanislav Mityushin noted that cases of deliberate non-admission of gas workers account for only about 1,5%. In other cases, specialists cannot get access to apartments due to the fact that people, for example, are on vacation, hospital or business trip. Fines cannot completely solve the problem of explosions associated with the use of household gas. A more effective method would be to transfer the responsibility for maintenance and replacement of gas equipment in apartments that are rented on social loan to municipalities. It is necessary to place information on the safe use of equipment in the entrances, subsidize its replacement for the poor.

Recall that in April it was reported that citizens will be obliged to let utilities to install and maintain smart meters. In case of repeated refusal, citizens will face fines. Measures are being developed to protect citizens from fraudsters. The issue was worked out by the Ministry of Construction.