Posted 11 июля 2023,, 07:08

Published 11 июля 2023,, 07:08

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Down-talking means loving: it became known how Biden curses his employees

Down-talking means loving: it became known how Biden curses his employees

11 июля 2023, 07:08
Despite the well-established image of «sleepy Joe», the US president turned out to be very tough in dealing with White House officials.

US President Joe Biden turned out to be in fact not at all such a «kind old man» as image makers are trying to present him, according to the Axios online publication. It turns out that in one-on-one meetings, he often raises his voice and resorts to swearing, and therefore his advisers try to avoid meetings with him alone.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the US president often resorts to abusive phrases such as «Damn it, why the hell don't you know that?!», «You've already… (got) your lies!» and «Go to hell!», and often these phrases contain profanity.

To hear the President of the United States swear at himself is considered a kind of «dedication ceremony» for White House administration officials. His aides, on condition of anonymity, tell reporters that «if Biden doesn't yell at you, it may mean that he just doesn't respect you…»

Such information about the behavior of the American leader is in sharp contrast to his public image of a balanced melancholic, whom journalists have nicknamed «sleepy Joe», and consider too old for the presidential job. By the way, the 80-year-old Biden's entourage even regrets that he does not demonstrate his temperament in public, since this would give his voters more confidence in the capacity of their president. Alas, Biden is more likely to whisper in public, expressing his point of view, whereas in private conversations he shouts more often.

Biden's aides still tell the story of how he got angry at Jeff Zients, an employee of his administration who dealt with the covid pandemic, and at the end of 2021, when, during the spread of the Omicron strain, it suddenly turned out that there were not enough testing kits in the country, Biden's rage was terrible. However, the president soon departed, and now Zients holds the position of chief of his campaign staff.

«There is no doubt about what kind of character Biden is real. It may not be as „volcanic“ as Bill Clinton's, but it definitely is», — Chris Whipple, author of the book «The Battle of His Life: Inside Joe Biden's White House», — explained to the publication.

Whipple's book quotes the words of former White House press Secretary Jennifer Psaki: «I've told Biden several times, 'I'll know we have a really good, trusting relationship when you yell at me for the first time.

Biden's supporters admit that, yes, he can be very tough. But at the same time, they claim that the president is often generous and compassionate, and knows how to make them feel like a family. That's why, they say, so many aides have been working with Biden for decades…