Posted 11 июля 2023,, 06:38

Published 11 июля 2023,, 06:38

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Social activists suggested sending homeless people to «social and labor homes»

Social activists suggested sending homeless people to «social and labor homes»

11 июля 2023, 06:38
The Public Chamber (OP) and the Council for Guardianship in the Social sphere under the government suggested that the police identify the homeless and send them to labor rehabilitation in «social and labor homes». According to experts interviewed by Vedomosti, this will lead to the legalization of labor slavery.

«The letter to the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health was signed by members of the Government Council Natalia Pochinok and Elena Topoleva-Soldunova», — Vedomosti reports.

The publication notes that Repairs and Topolev-Soldunov was also sent a draft of the procedure developed by the Ministry of Social Development of the Moscow region for interaction between public authorities and organizations in the region in order to search, detect and «arrange» homeless people. It is proposed to take the initiative as a basis and extend it to all regions of the Russian Federation.

According to the document, not only police and social organizations, but also individuals and legal entities will be able to identify persons without a fixed place of residence. To do this, they will have to report a homeless person by phone 112. According to the regulations, an ambulance and the police must arrive within 20 minutes to answer the call. After that, the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should carry out fingerprinting and carry out identification. This must be done within three hours.

Further, information about the homeless person, if he has not committed offenses, is sent to the Center for Social Adaptation, whose employees determine the subsequent algorithm of actions. Persons who are deprived of the possibility of self—service are sent to the center, the able-bodied are sent to «social and labor homes», and women are sent to crisis centers. At the same time, the project provides for the right of homeless people to refuse the offered assistance.

The director of the charity organization «Nochlezhka» Danil Kramorov believes that this will lead to the legalization of «labor houses» existing in the gray zone. He noted that the activities of such institutions are poorly regulated by law. According to him, «labor houses» are a form of labor slavery, and those who get into them are forced to work for food and accommodation without being able to log out of the system without being on the street again.

Olga Demicheva, president of the organization «Doctor Lisa's Fair Help», urged not to turn the initiative into a police prosecution for homelessness. In her opinion, seeking help should be voluntary, not forced.

The Ministry of Labor considered the proposed formats unsuitable, noting the possibility of employment of citizens at their request in accordance with the Labor Code. The head of the HRC Valery Fadeev criticized the initiative, saying that he was not «delighted with such a humanistic action.» In his opinion, the majority of homeless people do not want to work because of socialization problems, and not a special life position or laziness.