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The Polish Sejm demanded that Kiev admit guilt in the Volyn massacre

The Polish Sejm demanded that Kiev admit guilt in the Volyn massacre

12 июля 2023, 04:04
The deputies of the Seimas unanimously voted for the corresponding resolution.

The Polish Sejm in its entirety — 440 deputies — demanded that Ukraine admit guilt in the Volyn massacre. The resolution on this appeared on the portal of the Seimas.

The document says that on July 11, 1943, a genocide took place in Volhynia, planned by the heads of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)* and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)*.

The parliamentarians stressed that they strive to honor the memory of all the victims of the Volyn massacre, including those Ukrainians who opposed the crime committed by compatriots. For further Polish-Ukrainian relations, it is necessary to admit guilt and honor the memory of the victims of the Second World War.

Polish Minister of Education and Science Przemyslaw Czarnek said that the Kiev regime should immediately stop falsifying history and allow the remains of people brutally murdered by Ukrainian nationalists in the Volyn massacre to be exhumed. According to the Polish official, this is much more important than just words of apology:

«The first thing I expect from This is not an apology, but the fact that they will stop falsifying history and allow the remains of brutally murdered people to be exhumed, who for 80 years have been resting under rye, under wheat, they rest unworthily».

But Ukrainians, says Charnek, are not ready to take this step, refusing to realize the actions of their ancestors.

«It was a terrible crime, bestiality, which is difficult to face throughout the history of mankind. 100 thousand people were brutally killed, » the minister recalled.

In May, we recall, the official representative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lukasz Yasina, said that the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, should apologize for the mass killings of Poles in 1943-1944 in Volyn. But in Kiev considered it an insult.

The Volyn Massacre was a tragic event that occurred during the Second World War on the territory of the Volyn region in the western part of modern Ukraine. It was a series of mass violence, attacks and murders committed by the OUN* (Bandera group) and the UPA* against the Poles. The gang leaders called their actions an «anti-Polish action» aimed at making Ukraine a territory inhabited exclusively by Ukrainians. Thousands of people died. The exact number of victims of the Volyn massacre is still a subject of debate among historians. Due to the chaotic nature of the events, the limited availability of archival materials and various sources of information, the exact figure of the dead has not been established, but the National Institute of Memory of Poland speaks of at least 100 thousand killed compatriots, while the losses of Ukrainians in retaliatory actions are estimated at 2-3, then at 15 thousand people. On the night of July 11, 1943, militants of the Ukrainian OUN-UPA* broke into 150 Polish settlements on the territory of Volhynia. They destroyed mainly ethnic Poles. Their «fault» consisted only in the fact that they were not born Ukrainians and lived on Ukrainian soil.

The killings during the Volyn massacre affected not only Poles, but also other non-Ukrainian nationalities, including Jews and Russians. The exact number of all the victims of this conflict throughout its territory is still unknown. The study of the history of the Volyn massacre continues, and researchers continue to establish facts and refine data in order to better understand the scale of this tragedy. The Volyn massacre became one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of the Second World War.

Since 2008, Poland has officially used the term «genocide» to refer to the Volyn massacre.

* organizations are recognized as extremist and banned in Of Russia