Posted 14 июля 2023,, 07:04

Published 14 июля 2023,, 07:04

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Updated 14 июля 2023,, 08:00

A depleted uranium cylinder was depressurized at the Ural plant

A depleted uranium cylinder was depressurized at the Ural plant

14 июля 2023, 07:04
One person was injured. The radiation situation remains normal.

In Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region on The Ural Electrochemical Combine (UECC) depressurized a cylinder with depleted uranium hexafluoride. One person was injured. However, the radiation situation remains normal, and there is no danger to residents of the city, representatives of the public relations department said.

According to the information, the incident occurred on July 14 at 09:13 in the workshop 53 of the UECC, when a 1 cubic meter cylinder with depleted uranium hexafluoride was depressurized. One person was injured. The situation is limited to the production area and has a local character. The staff of the workshop has been evacuated, and sanitary treatment is being carried out. At the same time, the radiation situation at the enterprise and outside it is normal, and the activity of depleted uranium is lower than that of natural uranium ore. There is no threat to the residents of Novouralsk and the staff of the plant.

Ural Electrochemical Plant continues to operate normally.